Group: Additional products


The product is a homogeneous mixture of yeast extracts and aromas (applied to maltodextrin-potato, sunflower oil and citric acid).
ID: 000201693
Packing: 1 KG
Use: 1. As a salt substitute (NaCl) 350g of a mixture of AROMA MIX NaCl and MSG-Replacer per 100 kg of meat weight Recommendation: - mix 1.150 g of 1% nitrite salt and 350 g of AROMA Mix NaCl-Replecer; - dosage of 1.5% on the finished product. 2. As a substitute for monosodium glutamate Recommendation: - Dosage of 40% of the amount of glutamate or up to 0.15%
Dosage: 0,15 - 0,35 %