Group: Additives for processing pork skin


The product is a mixture of additives for the production of emulsions.
ID: 000200510
Packing: 25 KG
Use: AROMA Gel FH is used to produce stable skin emulsions from raw skins. The frozen raw skins are roughly treated in the cutter. We can use previously soaked skins with AROMA Gel KS. Then, when adding the same amount of water-ice (by thirds), the AROMA Gel FH additive and the addition of 2% salt (if the skin is soaked in a solution containing a salt, for example: AROMA Gel KS, then the salt is not needed) process gel to fine consistency: 1. Add a third of ice and process to at least 15 ° C 2. Add another third of the ice and treat it to at least 15 ° C; 3. The third third of ice is added and treated to 2 ° C, then placed in the microcutter. If you do not have a microcutter then treat it in a cutter up to 10 ° C 4. The emulsion can be used immediately and the residue is placed in boxes in thin layers and cooled well!
Dosage: do 0,8 %